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New Additions

This week has reminded us of what true spring weather feels like.  My cheeks are quite wind burned from the 30+ mph winds on the farm today.  Unfortunately, the weather has not been the greatest for some of our new arrivals.

Number 1: Turkeys!  I showed up Tuesday morning to find 6 new poults in a box brought back by Theri from the feed store.  They are currently sharing space with the baby chicks, who are not so BABY any more (look in background to see a passing chick on the top right).  Young turkeys are incredible sensitive during their first few weeks of life.  We lost one last  night, but are crossing our fingers from here on out.

Number 2: Pigs!  On Wednesday while our GS students were at the farm Brad Bradshaw brought our feeder pigs for the summer.  This year Bertrand Farm will be raising 4 Tamworth pigs, 2 boys and 2 girls.

His wife also sheered our lone sheep on the farm.  She’s feeling 20 lbs lighter!  Well, maybe not quite that much.  Wish I had a before photo.  

I’ve never been around pigs before and am eager to learn more so Theri gave me a book  to read.  It said the first thing to do was spend time with them and observe their behavior so I went back to their pasture at the end of the day to chat.  When I walked around the corner I caught them in this shot.

It’s going to be a summer full of photogenic moments with the pigs!!!


Welcome to Farm Life

Bertrand Farm is making its debut in the blogging world for the 2012 growing season!

Welcome to our new blog where we will be sharing with you daily life on the farm, recipes for farm fresh produce, and pictures to let you enjoy the beauty of the farm.

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