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Duck Dueling

Given our diversity of animals on the farm, there rarely is a dull moment.  Whether it’s one of our cats having kittens, the arrival of baby chicks, or the discovery of a family of bunnies in the field.   We all enjoy having animals around to make farm life more interesting.  This past week was no exception.  While I did notice the guinea hens on the move, in search of the perfect nesting spot, I was most taken by the daily duck dueling that was going on.  Our predicament is that we have 3 ducks (l to r): 1 male mallard, 1 imitation male mallard (he’s a little bigger), and 1 female mallard.  Thus, our numbers are unequal.  Ducks apparently, like chickens, do not draw distinctions between varieties when looking for mates.  The daily scene on the farm is that of the two men chasing each other around trying to out do the other and win the rights to the female mallard.  Unfortunately victory is short-lived and the dual starts again each day.   

      For today our champion is our imitation mallard.

He’s not shy about bragging.

One might assume that I spend a large part of my time watching the animals and taking pictures.  I guess I do take notice of their behavior most days, but not to worry, Theri keeps me on task enough to make sure that the fields are becoming filled with lots of scrumptious vegetables for our CSA.  Just planted 4 new rows of beans today with our high school intern PJ!


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