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Farm Update

Every week bring changes at Bertrand Farm.  Thankfully the dueling ducks have made amends and are now buddies again.  After our Wednesday visit from our Montessori students, our mama barn cats decided to abandon their current nesting spots in the barn.  We had a mild panic for a day trying to locate where they moved to.  Theri was worried they had taken them up into the floor boards in the hayloft.  Luckily some of the mamas returned back to their original places the next day.  We found our oldest kittens in a bay in the barn across the driveway (looks like this kitten needs her eye medicine), but we still have two missing litters.  FYI for any youngsters who come out to the farm, we might enlist you as kittens detectives.

In other farm events, I began our chicken tractor experiment.  For the last two months, I noticed that our chickens are not producing nearly as many eggs as should be expected for the amount of hens in our flock.  Thus I have begun using process of elimination to find the hens that are not pulling their weight on the farm.  So I am capturing chickens, breed by breed, and keeping them in our chicken tractor for a few days to see if they are laying eggs regularly or not.  What happens to those not producing you might wonder?  Into the pot they go.

First up are the lovely black ones with the brownish tint, their true name I do not know.

Did you know that chickens are the closest living species to the T-Rex?  I think this picture is a perfect comparison!

Last, but not least.  Our potatoes have broken ground.  We’ve been wondering what they were doing for so long under there?  Now, with most rows all filled in, we have an excellent opportunity to start tilling the walk paths for weed control.  Several of our noble working CSA’ers will be arming themselves behind our beastly walk-behind tillers for the task tomorrow morning!

Damien’s Garden Wisdom for the week:  Did you know that potatoes and tomatoes are related?  They actually look very similar.  Some tomato varieties even have leaves that are identical to potatoes (we are growing some on the farm).  The major difference of course is potatoes grow in the ground and tomatoes above it.



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