…Come Grow With Us!

Get ‘er Done!

Farm work seems to be never-ending.  If I ever come to a point in the day when I’ve run out of things to do, I remember I could always be hoeing!  It rare when weeds take a break from competing with vegetables for sun, water, and nutrients. Me and Theri do most of the hoeing ourselves, but larger projects we save for days when our wonderful working CSA members will be here.  At Bertrand Farm, that’s Wednesday and Saturday mornings.  While I’ve been told by members that one may feel like part of a hard-working chain gang at times, I promise it’s always a fun morning.

This week our CSA’ers were working like clockwork transplanting our tomato family vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant).

These are our Wednesday workers.  It’s doesn’t get any better than chatting with like-minded people while growing food!

Our Hole Digger

Our Mater Transplanter

Our Liquid Fish Fertilizer

With this team, we were able to get 150+ plants in the ground… only 2 month until fresh tomatoes!!!

For all those non-foodies of the world, if you purchase fresh tomatoes in May at the farmers market there’s a good chance they’ve been trucked in from somewhere else, a pet peeve of mine.  There is a slight chance they were grown in a local greenhouse, but it’s still early even for them.  Either way, ask your farmer about your food.  You might be surprised what you hear.

While not all of our members worked in our Tomato Planting Team on Wednesday, those who didn’t spent some quality time tying up our beautiful young peas!   Bill swore that trellising peas was a very zen experience.

Our Pea Trelliser

All in all it was a great morning!  Just as it was today with our Saturday CSA’ers.  Thanks to all who dedicate themselves to growing food; you make the world go round!


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