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Summer Memories

Summer always goes so fast for me. Surely because of all the activity(I think this may be a poem); Farm Camps, Interns, CSA, grandchildren and Family. I am so thankful to share this place with so many….

Farm Camp 2012

Farm Camp was our first program at the farm about 17 years ago. We’ve looked forward to it each summer since. When the end of June comes around, our staff reunites and our summer with young friends begins again. Campers are actively learning about where their food comes from and becoming more familiar with the “special” places on the farm. In doing so discoveries of all kinds occur. The farm is nature at it’s best.

Nature deficit is a term coined in the book, Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv. It refers to the lack of nature in the lives of children today. What was once playful imaginative time outdoors has been replaced by technology and sedimentary activity for to many of our children. Louv thinks this lack of nature has lead to a condition he calls Nature Deficit Disorder. Reconnecting children to the marvels and mystries of nature is intrinsic in the farm camp experience. As you can see there is no problem with nature deficit here.


This summer we had campers from London, China, Isreal and Africa as well as our closer to home friends from California, Texas, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. We are honored to be part of what we believe will be a lasting impression on children all over the World.


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Farm Camp 2012


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