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Summer Memories cont.

We are so fortunate to have had some great interns this past summer. PJ, Damien and Asa all spent time at Bertrand Farm and contributed greatly to the success of our CSA program. Thanks to Damien we have finally started blogging. You’ve met both Damien and Asa in previous blog entries(see history).
Internships are a great educational component available to young adults today providing a great way to get first hand experience in a profession of interest.
Our internship is geared toward college students and young adults interested in agriculture though we welcome anyone who has interests in food production or experiential teaching as well. We work with students to provide housing, stipends and college credit to make the experience as worthwhile and affordable as possible. Everyone at the farm benefits from the energy and excitement that interns bring to our programing. I know I speak for all the workers at Bertrand Farm when I say we miss you guys.
P.J.(sorry, no pic) has gone on to play football and study agriculture at Southern Illinois where he is a freshman; Asa has returned to Earlham college in Southern Indiana for his Junior year; and Damien has set off on his own farming enterprise outside of Chesterton, Indiana.
We wish you all the luck guys and hope you will continue to grow in your support of healthy sustainable farming and earth stewardship.


Interns 2012 (Summer Memories cont.)

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