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A Bountiful Season (December 24,2012)

As I take an early morning walk around the farm I hear and feel the crunch of snow under my feet and know we have freezing temps. Whats left in the field will soon be done but what a great fall it’s been.



Our harvest on December 23,2012

Our CSA(community Sponsored Agriculture) started for working members in May. Baskets of fresh organic produce where overflowing by June 1. This season has been especially bountiful. Yesterday(December 24) I harvested brussel sprouts, cabbage, kale, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots from our last, late planting in early September. Who would have thought? I will make history this year by serving our own fresh picked produce for Christmas dinner. I remember thinking we were probably wasting time when we made that last planting. I sure am glad we did it anyway. It is amazing what can grow in the Midwest with just a bit of row covering, especially these last couple years of mild temps.
Nature takes care of us here on the farm- what we lost in the spring to early high temps and then freeze and then drought we have made up for in the fall bounty. It always seems to go this way; something does abundantly well while another area suffers production. This year the heat loving crops did great(the tomato family, cucumbers, sweet potatoes)and the early cold crops were mostly lost. Green beans suffered from the drought but when the rain came they took hold and produced well. The Fall cold crops have been outstanding and like I mentioned have made up for the spring losses. There is never a dull moment when working with nature which is one of the  greatest things about farming.

Winter will soon claim our fields but the sun is still shining and new things are growing in our Hoop House, a new and exciting addition to the farm this winter. Stay tuned for more…


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