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Enbridge Pipeline, Coming Our Way

Farm pics 2007 013We are sad to hear that Enbridge Corporation gained eminent domain rights to various properties throughout Michigan that will house their new pipeline carrying petroleum products from Canada to Texas.  Bertrand Farm is one of the properties that will be affected by this construction.The petroleum moved in this line is called tar sand and is mixed with chemicals in order to make it flow-able. It is heavy and sinks when it is in contact with water. This practice is contrary to what Bertrand Farm  teaches and knows about sustainable practices. It puts us in a desperate position.  We will be forced to take a sabbatical in programming while construction is underway both for liability reasons and loss of quality in programming. It would be impossible to work with children in a barn yard  that has been overtaken by huge earth moving equipment with a gaping hole the length of our property .  Our work now will be to negotiate a fair settlement with Enbridge.

What price do we put on something like this ?


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