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Follow the Feast



Welcome to a new and exciting project at Bertrand Farm this season.

Follow the Feast is our creative solution to keep our mission of connecting people to food production, alive while we experience a break in business due to a petroleum pipeline installation through our property this season. Yes, it is ironic; We strive to teach the community about transitioning to less and no fossil fuel consumption in farming yet we have a petroleum pipeline running through our property.  All efforts to stop this pipeline were squelched on January 31, this year, when the judicial courts of the land gave a private orporation eminent domain rights to our land; Another irony for sure.

We can’t invite you to the farm this season so we are coming to you through blogging and YouTube’s. We will share with you our small farm practices in meat production  that we believe give our  meat animals a better life, better nutrition,  provide good earth stewardship and  a system design small farmers can benefit from. Join us in raising chickens, turkeys and pigs this season. Be a sponsor  and culminate the experience with a feast for your community.   Our sponsors will be highlighted during this project as another means of educating the public on our local community’s offerings.

 Do you know how your meat is raised? Knowing can change everything! We hope to engage you in this production to encourage you to ask questions of your producers and to support your local small farm movement. We believe the future of food security depends on it.

Let’s start by meeting the energetic and excited  young adults who are interning at the farm this season. They will join me in bringing the farm to you; Chris, John, and Richie are ready to get started (Colleen  will arrive in June).

We invite you to grow with us this season as a creative solution to keep our mission alive and to bring people and food production together as a matter of health.  If you are interested  in sponsorship contact us.



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2 thoughts on “Follow the Feast

  1. Melanie Liss on said:

    Exciting! So glad to be at my computer when this arrived! I wish you all the best, Melanie Liss, Chicago and Three Oaks BIG fan of Bertrand FArm

  2. Melanie on said:

    I look forward to Follow the Feast throughout the sumer and beyond! You are a true inspiration to us all for making the best of difficult circumstances and for your continued passion and hard work. You can count on us for continued support and connection.

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