…Come Grow With Us!


This morning, thirty-six baby birds arrived at Bertrand Farm! Our young Cornish hens and turkeys were unpacked from their box into a little coop and are enjoying their first day outdoors. At first, they herded together, nervously nibbling the grass. I got in their hut and played with them for a bit, petting them and letting them climb on me and offering reassuring words. They are adapting well to life on the lawn, and soon they’ll be out in the pasture, under movable coops, doing what chickens do. The movable coops, or chicken tractors, allow us to graze the birds intensively—they get to chow down on a fresh slice of pasture daily, leaving the rest to grow in peace—while protecting them from predators.

ImageThe coop, ready and waiting for the arrival of our new friends. Complete with heat lamps, food, water, and protection from the barn cats.ImageThe chicks, having ridden from the hatchery to their new home.ImageA room with a view… and natural carpet!ImageThe courageous young birds, toughening up for their trip to the pasture.


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