…Come Grow With Us!

Here come the pigs!

The pigs arrive –

We have been welcoming our new family of pigs gradually over the last month. Our first arrivals included Tammy and Roxanne which you have met in previous blogs. Soon the last two Tamworth’s will join us. We have staggered their arrival so that they will mature at different times as well. Making it possible to provide pork from late Summer through the holidays.

In a months’ time we have learned a great deal about raising pigs. We’ve had some ups and downs. A couple of our first pigs arrived with a slight cough. We kept a close watch over them . The weather had been cold and wet for several weeks before we got them and was continuing to be up and down in temperature and rain. We knew from our research these were perfect conditions for pneumonia, the number one concern in young pigs. We made sure to keep lots of dry straw bedding in their shelter to keep them warm.. Pigs should always have a shelter to go into that is dry and protects them from the sun. Did you know pigs get sunburned? The coughs continued to get worse during their first week here and we became increasingly concerned. A visit from the vet confirmed our prognosis of pneumonia. The breeder was very agreeable to take these pigs back and treat and raise them himself.

Our crew is healthy and strong now and growing quite nicely.

Pigs are smart animals and social too. They know us now and are not so afraid to have us visiting daily. It’s important that we socialize with them so they trust us and let us near which is important if they get sick or need some special help from us. We spend some time each day just socializing with them. They are quite funny and oh the personality!



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