…Come Grow With Us!

New Intern- Colleen

on tractor

Dear farmies, foodies, and great people of the world:

I am new to the farm!  I am so eager to start telling you about what I see and do and learn, so this blog won’t be too long so I can go see, do, and learn.

I will tell you that in just the past two-and-a-half days I have seen more plants, vegetables, insects, and animals than I ever would have thought possible in such a short time span.  Reading about organic farming and the diverse ecosystems they create simply did not prepare me for how beautiful it all would be.  I’m an avid reader, my Masters is in Library Science, after all, but I have to say books cannot compare to the farm experience!   Which is exactly why I am here.   I have spent the last eight years as a high school English teacher and school librarian.  I am here at Bertrand Farm to learn both organic farming methods and to discover how agriculture and education can be combined in an experience-based setting.

Also, fyi, since I am a vegan I will blog about the vegan delights the farm is growing.  Look forward to those blogs, please!  Overall, I am really excited to be here and will post updates soon.

With gratitude,


p.s. I drove a tractor for the first time on Monday!


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