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The Chicks Keep on Cruising

Remember the arrival of our chicks 2 weeks ago? Well, they’re twice as big now as they were then! They’ve been nibbling away on their lawn pasture, insects and organic feed, sleeping in piles, forming cliques, and exercising their newly discovered wings. Charles, the farm cat, who helps us keep a mouse-free barn and house, now has her eyes (and sometimes, paws through the chicken wire) on the chicks. Their tractor has done a great job of keeping them safe and cozy. We’re moving it every day to give them a fresh patch of lawn, and soon they’ll be out in the back fields exploring a  diverse swath of pasture.
On the topic of the pasture, we mowed it last week, let the cuttings dry, and collected 80 bales of good hay! The chicks will enjoy the food web among the trimmed plants, the animals are assured food for the next winter (or two!), and we saved a buck while having a great time loading the bales up onto the wagon (allergies aside). It doesn’t get much better than that.
Stay tuned!chickens week 2


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