…Come Grow With Us!

This Week’s Harvest is In!


We are busily harvesting summer fruits, vegetables, herbs, and eggs.  This is one of the very best parts of organic farming!  

This week’s organic harvest includes

  • beautiful Romaine lettuceeasy to juice and perfect for adding greens into smoothies
  • scrumptious Strawberriessee Strawberry recipe ideas
  • Sweet Peas new this week and just perfect raw, in salad, stir-fry, and in sandwich wraps
  • Bright Beetsready to eat raw or cooked, an incredible superfood
  • Fresh Onionsjust one sniff will make you an onion lover
  • Irresistible Cherries– you really can’t have just one
  • Farm Fresh Eggs from the best hens around, these eggs will brighten your breakfast plate
  • BasilAdds bright flavor to any dish
  • Arugulaamazing on it’s own, but enhanced by our addition of some companion planted Carrot Greens, a knockout ready-to-go mixed salad
  • Tangy Scapes- use them like garlic or green onions, raw or cooked
  • Rich Swiss Chardbursting with flavor and nutrients
  • Crisp and tender ZucchinisJust starting… if you don’t get some this week, get your recipes ready because next week you will!

Not sure how to use any of these or want to try a new recipe with a few of these together?  Check out Yummly.  Just type in what you want to use, then when it brings results back check out all the options on the left.

A note on washing: We rinse some of the greens, most notably the arugula mix and romaine lettuce.  Other things we don’t rinse because they will stay fresher longer that way.  A great way to know it’s already washed and ready to eat is if the greens are in a paper bag or a plastic bag with a paper towel.

If you’d rather wash the remaining greens (like the spinach) when you get home so they are stored clean in the fridge, we’d like to recommend using a salad spinner and gently putting them in a bag or container with a paper towel.  This helpful video does a great job explaining how to store different greens and veggies for best results.



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