…Come Grow With Us!

The Birds Go out to Pasture 

chicken tractor 2013Our little birds are growing up so fast! We have moved our chirping friends to their tractor in the pasture. They seem to be appreciating their new home, having more space to roam and varied terrain. When we open the door, they prefer to stay inside, which we take as a sign that they are enjoying their life in the tractor. On a similar note, pigs Tammy and Roxanne got our of their pen last week! When we came across them in the neighbor’s yard, they ran to us and followed us back home. They must be happy living with us!
Now, back to the birds with a word on Cornish game hens. Our pastured birds are destined for the dinner table. Most of them are Cornish game hens, which are known for their fast growth, particularly in the breast area. Cornish game hens are neither game (being bred and raised by man) or hens (including both boy and girl chickens), but they are reputedly mighty tasty and packed with lean white meat. We can expect these fellows to be ready to eat in another three – five weeks, meaning they have nearly spent half of their lives with us! Time flies.DSC06611

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