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Keeping Our Cool

pig wallowingI am quickly becoming the resident pig expert here at Bertrand. Colleen has even dubbed me the Pig Cowboy( does that even make sense?) because of my tendency to convert to a southern drawl when handling them. This is becoming increasingly difficult as they are gaining weight rapidly and could almost be described as immense. But I am gaining their trust, which is really a cool process to be involved in and has proved useful on more than a few occasions, to the point where they are responsive to my prodding and I can playfully grab and pat them.

Pigs are naturally woodland creatures, with heavy fur and thick skin, but the ones we have bred for meat have lost this protection just like we have evolved out of being covered in hair(well some of us). Because of their large size, they have lots of exposed skin that, on sunny days, can become sun burnt and dry. To prevent this they need access to an area to wallow in and a shady area, preferably the two are one and the same. Pigs also love to root around in moist soil that has plenty of grubs and worms and plant material in it. Our orchard pigs have the most ideal combination of these necessities that we can provide. They spend their days rooting around, rolling in the mud and snorting at us as if to ask “whens dinner?”.


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