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We have our fair share of spiders around here and couldn’t be more pleased.

I don’t recommend handling spiders you can’t identify, but I certainly implore you not to kill them, either.  Spiders are some of our allies in the farm and yard.  They eat pests like flies, moths, and wasps that would otherwise eat our crops.

I have been so pleased to find the orchard full of webs on recent mornings. The webs glistened, silvery and heavy with the morning dew.  Spider webs connected tree branches and trees together, and all of the trees were surrounded by the pink-orange glow of the early sunshine.  Just thinking of all the protection the fruit trees get from spiders in the dark, buggy nights makes me smile.

When I found a medium-sized hairy spider in the house the other day I caught it in a plastic container to examine before shooing it outside.  It was a Daring Jumping Spider and it looked like this (about the size of a nickel).



It was actually pretty up close because it had green fangs, something I appreciated after reading up on them and learning that they don’t bite people.

To help us all keep spiders outside of the house and working in the gardens instead, take a tip from P. Allen Smith.  Near the end of this video the two spiders to really watch out for (the Black Widow and Brown Recluse) are pictured.  If the next spider you see doesn’t look like one of those, please, put away the shoe.


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