…Come Grow With Us!

Maintaining the Crops


cuc’s and zuc’s growing

Plants help us grow, and here at Bertrand Farm, we help plants grow! With this summer sun and recent rains, plant-life is thriving. So are pests and disease, oh my! We are checking each of our plantings weekly with an eye for ripe foods, weed pressure, and damage. As the raspberries ripen, we pick them! When grasses pop up around the pear trees and begin to seed, we chop ’em down with a sickle! When the kale leaves are nibbled by cabbage moths, we spray them with an organic bug repellent (active ingredient: pyrethrin, found in geraniums). Thus goes the work of maintaining the


insect damage on eggplant


Farm pics 2007 015

Our first and favorite way to conquer insects is to pick them off (and feed them to the chickens).


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