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Hornworm Update!

Dear friends, I have an important update for the Bertrand Farm Circle.  Recently some young visitors helped me pick caterpillars off tomato plants.  Their hard work saved those plants, and we have beautiful tomatoes, too!  While we were busily picking off the caterpillars (which turn into yellow swallowtail butterflies), we found a beautiful, but destructive, hornworm.  We decided against feeding him to the chickens (as we did with the other caterpillars), and to keep him for observation.

As promised, I have pictures and an update on how our tomato-munching friend is.


He’s doing really well!  As you can see he’s doubled in size and goes through the tomato cuttings we give him very quickly.  Below is a two-part video of his daily habits.  The first part you’ll see is of this weird “dance” he does when I put new food into his home.  I think it his way of trying to latch onto a new branch.  The second part of the video is of him crawling up the side of his enclosure’s wall.  Enjoy the video and thanks again for the help in relocating him to a place that suits his lifestyle and ours!


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