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Missing John S. (OR taking funny photos of farm animals)

This week we said our sad goodbyes to intern John.  He finished his 12 weeks of training here and has moved to Maine to work on an organic farm there.  Although we are happy knowing he is off on a great new adventure, we still miss him quite a bit.  John was our farm musician, a great friend, and one heck of a cook.  We all have re-adjusted to life sans John in different ways.  Here are some of the results:

Poor Charles doesn’t have the same protection from the natives.


DSC00640 (John’s befriended farm cat Charles)

she tried to make her escape, but Patsy put an end to all that

so now she finds inner peace and solitude on the mat


I have tried finding creative ways to fill the John-shaped void, or at least the hoodie he left behind.  Just goes to show you, you can dress up a goat, but you can’t make him sing.


We are reminded of you often John.

Good Luck  in  your agriculture endeavors and Thanks for a great Summer!


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