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The Circle of Life

Our chickens have all gone to butcher now. Our first batch left in August and our last one just  recently.  Butchering animals is something that has always commanded a deep respect from those tasked with doing the job. Human cultures have traditionally used all the parts of the animal, out of respect and necessity. Raising animals for the express purpose of eating them had, until recently, been a part of everyday life during most of our history. Very few people now understand what is involved with caring for the well being of animals. While they are with us, we make life as conducive to their natural behaviors as possible. We give them clean ground to walk on, plenty of forage in the form of bugs and seeds, and of course other chickens to socialize with. They depend on us for everything , and in turn we depend on them to provide us with nutrition. They are vulnerable, and bertrand farm is a very natural setting, which means that there are a number of predators waiting to harvest a chicken for themselves. We have  had several run ins with a family of hawks, luckily our chicken tractors are sturdy and provide excellent protection from all the elements. They are pampered, which is why they will be so tasty. We are cooking up one tonight. Here’s to the circle of life.

See the chickens transported to butcher.  This video stops before the actual killing.

Chickens are slaughtered in this video(use discretion please).

Now see how the chicken  is cleaned and butchered.


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One thought on “The Circle of Life

  1. Liz Zapf on said:

    These videos are terrific, it is so important to know how animals are made ready for eating, and the butchering process was done with care and respect. I’d love to have seen your sister canning 🙂 She mentioned that she’d been canning all day and her hands were tired but she clearly had plenty of strength left and knew exactly what she was doing. I could use a class on cutting a chicken up — will have to see if Suzanne ever teaches such a thing! Thank you!

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