…Come Grow With Us!

Turkeys’ Snoods growing in


These “hangy things” on the males’ heads are called snoods. It’s another benchmark for us that the turkeys are growing well and are well on their way to being ready for Thanksgiving. Of course my number one way of knowing they are coming along well is that when I pick them up these days I really need to use two arms and bear hug them to carry them back to their home. They are getting heavy!

It’s not their favorite thing, getting picked up, but you know what they say about turkeys… they aren’t the smartest birds.  You could say they lock themselves out of their house… nearly every day!

I suppose sooner or later they will get heavy enough that they can’t fly over the fence. Then they won’t be able to forget that they can fly back. So they won’t need to have freak-outs and start crying. I think I will appreciate that, but also I will kind of miss picking them up, too.


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