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The Hoop House is Heating Up!


The carrots that were planted in November are about 5 inches long under the ground and delicous!


The snow piled up on the sides of the Hoop House added extra insulation during the long cold winter. No other heat was provided other than the heat from natural sunlight and a layer of clothe covering.


The sun is an amazing energy source.


New beds have been planted to beets, onions and spinach


Tapping Maple Trees for Sap


Tapping our Maple trees gives us hope for spring. It takes 40 -50 gallons of sap to make one gallon of maple syrup.
Last year was the most productive sap year ever for us, we finished 12 gallons of syrup(almost 500 gallons of sap).
I am a bit worried about this year- we’ll see what happens.

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