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It’s Time to Join A Local CSA

CSA, Community Sponsored Agriculture, is a  movement that supports small local farmers (the future of food security)while providing members with the freshest and most nutritious food options. Here at Bertrand Farm we offer a working membership for those who are interested in learning more about how their food is grown. We offer meat shares  in chicken, pork and turkey. We love to encourage everyone to seek out a local CSA and support your small local farms. It’s a win win situation. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


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Spring has Sprung and our Peach Trees Live


Our peach trees have proven to be alive. The cutting placed in water on the ninth has a bud that broke open yesterday. Seems fitting on Easter weekend.









Testing your Trees for Winter Damage


The long cold winter has recked havik on the peach industry in Michigan. Some peach farmers are experiencing great loss. Test your trees to see how they faired the winter and plan to replant if you need to. Make sure to get peach varieties that are good for your zone. Southern Michigan is zone 5B.

Cooking the Sap

We are starting our last batch of sap today and will  end the season with about 6-7 gallons of finished syrup. Not as bad as I thought it would be.

Catching Up

We just recently got our first, early spring, soap shield application sprayed on our  fruit trees.  With the temps rising into the 60’s by week end it is a good time before the buds start to show. This year we are noticing  a lot of bark damage from winter predators. Most of it is very low and probably indicates small rodents. It was a hard winter on everyone it seems.

Collecting Sap

This season has been challenging for maple syrup production. Until this last week the sap has been running at a minimum. I expect the cost of local syrup will be high this year. We will finish the short season soon and hopefully have enough maple syrup to keep our family until next spring.

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