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Introducing our 2015 Summer Interns

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Hi everyone! My name is Ryan  and I am a senior at Ohio university studying plant biology. I have had some farming experience throughout my life with my uncles farm back in Ohio. He is a conventional farmer farming about 400 acres of land. I chose an internship at Bertrand Farm thinking I would be experienced at most of their practices. I was proudly mistaken. I have learned so much during my first week here and I cant wait to learn more as the weeks go on!



Hi everyone! My name is Colleen, and I am interning for Bertrand Farm this summer. I study Agribusiness Management at Michigan State University and will be a senior next year. I have held an interest in sustainable farming for a long time and am very exited to be gaining practical farming skills here. Because my major is business oriented, I feel like interning for Bertrand Farm is a great complement to my studies since it allows me to really understand every level of agriculture – from the farm to the consumer. Thanks for reading!


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