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The Colorado Potato Beetle has Arrived

This is a picture of a potato plant. We have been fighting what seems like an endless battle with the little bugs on the leaves called the potato beetle! here you can see the adult and adolescence stage of the bug.They attack and eat the leaves of the plant causing the plant to die. They reproduce  like wildfire. Today I removed 20 eggs and 10 beetles on the same plant.! The best organic way to keep them off is to go on each plant and search for them and squash them, unfortunately you cant just brush them off or they will  crawl right back on. I will admit this is my most hated job to do but it has to be done. Hopefully with all the work put into this we will have a good yield!


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One thought on “The Colorado Potato Beetle has Arrived

  1. Jean Pawlak on said:

    Maybe I’m weird, but I find lots of satisfaction in the crunch sound that they make when you smush them. And it’s kind of a pretty orange color too!

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