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CSA Week

February 24th is national CSA Day so lets talk about how awesome they are! CSA or Community Supported Agriculture, allows you to have a hand in knowing where your food comes from without having to live on a farm. Basically all you have to do is get your fingernails dirty and in return get bountiful amounts of organic produce. Bertrand Farm’s welcomes CSA’s and asks for just 3 hours a week of work and $350 for the entire growing season. The payment can be broken up and split between you and another person. Check out the CSA promo video on Bertrand Farm’s website.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 2.05.26 PM.png

And remember, by joining a CSA you are…

✓ Supporting local farmers

✓ Saving money

✓ Reducing food miles

✓ Eating healthy

Getting outdoors

✓ Getting physical activity

✓ & Building Community


Emily Nix

Hello readers! My name is Emily Nix and I am studying Sustainability at Indiana University South Bend. I will be completing my degree this spring and I am lucky enough to do so with an internship through Bertrand Farms. I have always had a love for living things and being able to work with nature for our survival. It is a very gratifying feeling when the seedlings that you nurtured eventually mature and give their fruits back to you. Growing up, my family had a garden and I made a connection at an early age of where my food was coming from. I think it is important for all kids to experience growing their own food and gain an understanding of the beautiful process and work that goes into it.

Theri and I, along with Cindy, a Notre Dame intern, will be meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Good Shepard Montessori. We’ll be working with seventh and eighth grade students and teaching them about sustainability and permaculture principles. As the weather warms up, we will be maintaining the gardens on the school grounds and adding more exciting construction projects this spring. Keep you posted!


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