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Time to Transplant!


You may be to the point now where your seedlings need to be transplanted into a bigger space. For transplanting, a pencil is your best friend! Use one to lever the plant out of the tray by pushing up on the soil around the roots. Avoid touching the stem and roots of the plant because they are very sensitive and this could harm them for the rest of their lives! When handling seedlings, hold them by the cotyledons or baby leaves. These baby leaves will eventually fall off the plant and it is the safest area to handle your seedling. Next, using your pencil, dig a hole that is big enough for the root system to coil into. Avoid forcing the roots down the hole. Instead, allow the root hairs to attach to the tip of your pencil and guide the root system down the hole until only the cotyledons are showing on top of the soil. Finally, close the hole by moving dirt around the plant with your pencil.

Thanks for reading. And as always, happy planting!


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