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5 Reasons for Native Plants

With Easter and Mother’s day coming up, you may be thinking about getting a cut bouquet of flowers. Perhaps this year you might consider a more environmentally friendly option. Giving your loved ones flowers to plant in the ground rather than a cut bouquet can have many benefits- especially if those flowers are native to your area. Here are 5 reasons why you can’t go wrong with native plants.

  1. They’ll last longer.

You wont have to watch them wither away on the kitchen table if they are blooming in your yard.

  1. Pesticide Free is the Way to Be.

Native plants have a natural immunity to pests in your area and tend to need less pesticides to keep them healthy. By using fewer pesticides in your landscaping, you can reduce the amount of chemicals that contaminate our water systems.

  1. Speaking of Water…

Because native plants are well adapted to your area, you don’t have to water them as much. They are used to the amount of precipitation and sunlight that your area already receives.

  1. The 4 B’s.

More native plants means more bees, birds, butterflies, and bats. Native plants provide nectar, seeds, fruit, pollen and shelter for our other friends that live in the neighborhood. You’ll be creating more biodiversity and a visually appealing landscape at the same time.

  1. Less Work for You!

Isn’t that the phrase everyone wants to hear? Often times native plants are perennials which means they will pop up on their own again next year. Meaning you only have to plant them once!11825088_10204681592423069_6592781999643828941_n

            Find out what native plants and flowers grow well in your area. Better yet, get them for someone as a gift!

Thanks for reading. And as always, happy planting! 


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