…Come Grow With Us!

CSA Week 5

In this week’s box:
arugula, asparagus, kale, leeks, leek scapes, lettuce, spinach, sugar anne peas, swiss chard,
& a bouquet of sweet william flowers

Remember to check the “Produce Index” page to find storage advice for this season’s produce to date, simple dishes, and recipe links all in one place. Below are storage tips for new produce.

Asparagus: Store upright in a jar or other container of water (like flowers) with a plastic bag over the jar to trap moisture and create a humid environment. Place in the refrigerator.

Leek Scapes: Store sealed (with leeks, if you would like) in the refrigerator. Or store like asparagus.


Leek scapes are long, thin stalks with bulbs that taper to a point. (In photo: The leek scapes are leaning against the basket.)






Sugar Anne Peas (sugar snap peas): For most varieties of peas, store tightly sealed in the coldest part of the refrigerator.

Note: Best when eaten soon after picked. Their flavor, particularly their sweetness, fades noticeably with each passing day.





Swiss Chard: Keep tightly sealed in the refrigerator. Don’t wash until ready to use. If already washed, place a dry cloth or paper towel in the bag with the lettuce to absorb moisture; if not washed, place a slightly damp cloth or paper towel in the bag to provide slight humidity.


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