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Fall Planting

(Not-so) BREAKING NEWS! You still have time to plant fall vegetables!
At this point in the summer, when the days are hot and long and you are harvesting all the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor, it’s easy to forget that the planting season is not over yet. In fact, you still have several weeks to get fall vegetables started. Today we transplanted cauliflower starts from their home in the little greenhouse to the wondrous new world of the ground. The weather was beautiful for working outside, and it should remain so throughout the rest of the week (read: what are you waiting for?! Get going!!) It’s not just the days that are ideal; the nights will be cool as well, making a perfect combination for starting your fall vegetables.
Here’s what you can still plant this year: beets; Chinese cabbage; lettuce (head and baby); radishes (round and Daikon); spinach; Swiss chard; and turnips. The latest these should be planted is early to mid-August, considering that our first frost in the great region of Michiana usually comes around mid-October. So you still have plenty of time! For more detailed information such as exact planting dates, check out Johnny’s Seed Planting Schedule Calculator (, and enter the frost-free date as 10/15/2017.
Good eats and happy harvesting!


Fall Cabbage Planted Today


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