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The Problems with Agriculture Today


This month our students were instructed to read an article by Michael Pollan. The article was published in the New York Times(2008)and was a letter to President Obama before he took office. The letter calls the president to action and refers to him as the “Farmer in Chief.” I particularly liked this article because it lays out, very simply, the issues with our agricultural systems today. Knowing how important it is to provide relevant information to audiences that might not otherwise see it, I found this article to very concisely do just that.

Pollan has a way of really speaking to your heart and mind simultaneously and in the past I have enjoyed his writing immensely. I am looking forward to hearing what the students think of the article next week. I wonder if they will feel inspired or reinvigorated to work on their school farm. I also wonder if they will understand the gravity of what they read in the article, and how they will propose to implement change as young adults.

Check it out….



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