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Bertrand Farm Interns 2017

Welcome to our intern crew this summer. We are already busy working and learning about agriculture and health.

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From left: Tyler, Leah, Lisa, Joseph, Maria

I choose to intern at Bertrand Farm because I saw the importance of local healthy food in our community. With all the talk about the harmful effects of high-fructose corn syrup and processed food, I feel a social responsibility to take part in the movement for responsible food production. Beside the fact that I love working on farms, I wanted to expand my limited knowledge of sustainable farming, seizing the opportunity to learn through first-hand experiences.          Joseph

I am a student at IUSB and am pursuing a minor in sustainability. The head of the sustainability department, Krista Bailey, suggested that I look into a couple internship opportunities in the sustainability field. One of the first examples she mentioned was working on a sustainable farm and I jumped on the opportunity right away. I am very excited to be involved in the program and am looking forward to learning about sustainable farming practices that I will strive to use in a career that will benefit not only me, but everyone and everything around me as well.      -Tyler

I am a senior undergraduate student at the University of Notre Dame. Originally from Indianapolis, I am a part time intern on the farm this summer. As a neuroscience major, I am involved in research with adolescent depression prevention and treatment; as a sustainability minor, I have interests in local food systems and sustainable agriculture.-    Maria

I had gardened organically (without knowing that’s what I was doing) when the kids were young, I want to learn how to translate that into a larger 2-5 acre farm setting.  Bertrand and a small degree in horticulture from Purdue are my last steps before starting out on my own. – Lisa










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