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Asa’s Top Ten Reasons For Interning at Bertrand Farm

10.  Being outdoors.  While 100° days aren’t my favorite, the farm is a sight to see in the mornings and evenings, when the fresh air fills my lungs and reminds me that life is great.

9.  I love to hoe.  Well, not really, but I have to tell myself that I do – I have to at least like it, or else my days would pass as slow as molasses.

8.  Biodiversity.  While manyIndianafarms offer only corn and soy, Bertrand has a wide range of plants that encourage a healthy array of organisms.

7.  Fruits of labor.  Literally!  To eat what I helped create is a very intimate act in my mind, and I expect that all the working CSA members understand this sentiment.

6.  Plants.  The animals are nice, but I like that I cherish every interaction with these extraordinary organisms that make life possible for the rest of us.

5.  The peacock.  I’ve never seen any guy try harder to woo the ladies.  I can’t help but admire his determination.

4.  Personal health.  One of my favorite things about Bertrand is the greens production, and it’s clear that the CSA members like it, too – before I came here, I never knew that people could be so enthusiastic about green smoothies!

3.  People.  Everyone comes together over food at the table, and it’s no different at the farm.  Of course, I do have to put up with that other intern (he’s such a weirdo!), but I just bite my tongue and somehow manage to get through those conversations.

2.  Tasty food! I prefer quality over quantity, and anyone who has eaten both a supermarket strawberry and a local strawberry knows that it isn’t even a competition.

1.  Wellbeing of the environment. I hope to help transform society’s diet into one that works with nature, rather than against it.


Damien started his internship with Bertrand Farm in early March.  After having spent the fall  WWOOFing around the continental US, he decided to find a more serious organic farming experience.  Organic farmer, is his current professional aspiration, though he has had many over the years.  He holds a Bachelors in Liberal Studies from Purdue and a Masters in Elementary Education from Marian U.


One thought on “INTERNS

  1. Dawn L. on said:

    Very interesting bios on these young men.
    I’d love to see pics and info on your other interns this summer 🙂

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