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Grow Baby Grow!

It’s May and the warmth of summer appears to be soon to come on the farm.  With April dumping plenty of rain, everything on the farm is really starting to take off.  The end of frost weary nights are hopefully behind us.  Bring on the heat! Of course nothing above 85 and preferably with low humidity.  While we humans are picky about our summertime weather, the plants soak up everything they can get.  Below some green onions are shooting up like rockets.

The past few weeks, me, Theri, PJ (our high school intern), and occasionally Anna (from Prairie Winds Farm) have been working tirelessly to put plants in the ground.  To date our brassicas are in the ground, our greens have made the transition from the greenhouse, 3 successions of peas are forming tendrils, the potatoes sit 3-5 inches beneath the soil waiting for their sprouts to reach the light of day, and the beans are beckoning germination.  Our raised boxes are filled with carrots, baby lettuce mix, and a spicy greens mix.  We’ll be continuing with biweekly successions of many of these crops throughout the growing season.

This picture is of the spicy greens mix.  I can see Arugula, Red Mustard, Tatsoi, Mizuna, and Red Russian Kale in there.  Theri decided to try some out this season upon my recommendation.  I guarantee if you like flavor, you’ll love this greens mix!

Even as this crop season begins, we still have remnants of last year’s finishing up.  Because of the our mild winter, our curly kale was able to overwinter and go the seed.  Kale is a biennial, meaning it takes two growing seasons to produce seed.  It’s been a huge pollinator magnet for us early this season.

Last but not least, our working CSA members had their first day on the farm yesterday, Hooray!  (I of course forgot to snap a photo.)  We’re happy to have many returning members as well as some new ones.  When I ask these members why they prefer to be working members, I was told: 1) we get spend time building relationships with like-minded individuals, 2)  we get to talk about green smoothies, learn about local food sources, and discuss broader national food issues, and 3) we get some “me time”, coming out to the farm and working a few hours is relaxing and enjoyable!

Sound appealing?  If so, we still have  working memberships available.  Come join in the fun!  For further information visit our website Bertrand Farm or check us out on Facebook.


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